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Kilomètre 111
(Kilometro 111)

by Mario SOFFICI

kilometre 111

Kilómetro 111 is a surprising film, given the time at which it was made. On watching it today, more than 70 years on, we have the feeling that this film hasn’t aged and, on the contrary, remains extremely modern. It displays great cinematic intelligence, in spite of the moral that emerges from it. With its sober language and superb performances, the film describes a pathetic, tragi-comic, ill-fated and topical reality, along with a struggle lost before it begins. In my opinion, Kilómetro 111 is a landmark in Argentinian cinema.

Diego Lerman

  • Titre français
    Kilomètre 111
  • Original title
    Kilometro 111
  • Scénario
    Enrique Amorim, Sixto Pondal Rios, Carlo Olivari
  • Photo
    Antonio Merayo
  • Musique
    Rodolfo Sciammarella
  • Interprétation
    Pepe Arias, Angel Magaña, Delia Garcés, José Olarra, Inès Edmonson, Juan Bono, Choly Mur, Miguel Gómez Bao, Eduardo Zuchi, Adolfo Meyer, Arturo Podestá, Alberto Terrones, Julio Renato, Leticia Scury, Héctor Ferraro

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