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Something's Going On Outside
(Hay Algo Alla Afuera)


Like every night, Daniel drives bis taxi through the streets of the center of Santiago. Bruno, an unemployed man of uncertain age, who lives in an old apartment in the center of town, prepares to go out into the night of secret worlds behind the facades of the old buildings. Teresa, an attractive and mysteriously solitary woman, goes out every night between midnight and one in the morning and waits for a taxi that drives her to a strange hotel quite far away. She takes Daniel ‘s taxi and, from then on, Daniel decides to wait for her every night at the same time.
When Bruno takes a ride in Daniel’s taxi, a frienship developes between him and Daniel as often between two noctambules. Teresa is their main subject of conservation. Bruno, intrigued, decides to look for Teresa, but she has disappeared. When Daniel decides to look for Teresa, he discovers her secret when he comes to the room of the hotel. From that moment on, something in his life is permanently altered.

  • Titre français
    Il se passe quelque chose dehors
  • Original title
    Hay Algo Alla Afuera
  • Titre international
    Something's Going On Outside
  • Scénario
    Pepe Maldonado
  • Photo
    Coke Roth
  • Montage
    Claudia Villaseca
  • Musique
    Jose Miguel Miranda
  • Interprétation
    Luis Gnecco, Luz Croxatto, Francisco Reyes
  • Production
    Ely Fenner
  • Sous-titrage

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