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Human Comedy
(Ren Jian Xi Ju)


In this portrait of a post-modern Taiwan at the end of the century, «The Human Comedy» weaves together four différent story Unes loosely based on bizarre anec- dotes from the «Book of Twenty-Four Filial Pieties», a classic compilation of Confucian moral fables. Through the comic shifts and contrasting visual styles of the four stories which this film presents in seven interrelated episodes, we are given glimpses into the disintegrating social bonds of a Chinese society in transition.

The first storyline follows a young woman who works in a shoe store in Taipei’s bustling movie theatre district. Hardly aware of her customers except when she has to know the size of their feet, this salesgirl lives largely in a world of her own imagination, her sole pleasure being her passion for Tony Leung, a Hong Kong film star and singer…

  • Titre français
    Human Comedy
  • Original title
    Ren Jian Xi Ju
  • Titre international
    Human Comedy
  • Scénario
    Hung Hung
  • Photo
    Pen Jia-ru
  • Montage
    Chen Po-wen
  • Son
    Tu Du-chih
  • Musique
    Chang Yung-chih
  • Interprétation
    Chang Ling-shien, Chen Ethan, Woon Chi-shing, Hsiao Hua-wen, Lee Kang-yi, Chiang Vicky, Cheung Alex, Chao Tzu-chiang, Hsu Wan-ying
  • Production
    Hung Hung, Les Moutons Sans Souci Films
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Sous-titrage

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