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Fairytale for a 17-Year-Old Girl
(Truyen co tich cho tuoi muoi bay)

by NGUYEN Xuan Son


An, a 17 year-old attempts to stave off boredom and escape the torments of teenagehood through letters she exchanges with a young soldier who has volunteered on the front, an epistolary love in which she finds comfort. But soon, her kin and her own friends, including Hai, the most protective among them, are themselves enlisted. Vietnamese cinema has consecrated many films to the fighters who sacrificed themselves to defend the people’s cause and the country’s independence. Conversely, the films that take interest in those who are left behind lines are rarer and Nguyen Xuan Son’s one is undoubtedly one of their best examples. JB

  • Titre français
    Fairytale for a 17-Year-Old Girl
  • Original title
    Truyen co tich cho tuoi muoi bay
  • Titre international
    Fairytale for a 17-Year-Old Girl
  • Scénario
    TRINH Thanh Nha
  • Photo
    TRUONG Minh
  • Montage
    NGUYEN Hien Luong
  • Son
    DANG Dinh Hung
  • Musique
    NGUYEN Xinh
  • Interprétation
    LE Vi, TRAN Hanh, THANH Tu
  • Production
    Vietnam Feature Film Studio
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