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Dang Bireley and the Young Gangsters
(1499 : Antapan Krong Muang)

by Nonzee NIMIBUTR

Forty years ago gangs rules Bangkok. Dang became a gangster to escape the humiliation of being a prostitute’s son. He stabbed his first victim, a custoer of his mother’s, at the age of 13 and gunned down a notorious Chinese leader at 18, establishing his réputation. Fighting with rival gangs, his gang takes over the city. A coup d’état imposes martial law and drives the city’s gangsters into the countryside where Dang profits but a new enemy of Tek, a powerful tycoon. To meet his mother’s long held wish, Dang joins a Buddhist monastery for a period of time, a common practice for men in Thailand. Dang’s ordination ceremony will take a tragic turn…
Dang Bireley was a real person, a famous gangster during an era when Thais ivere smitten with American icons such as James Dean and Elvis Presley.

  • Titre français
    Dang Bireley et les jeunes gansters
  • Original title
    1499 : Antapan Krong Muang
  • Titre international
    Dang Bireley and the Young Gangsters
  • Scénario
    Wisit Sasanatiang
  • Photo
    Winai Patomboon
  • Montage
    Sunit Ussavinikul
  • Son
    Ramintra Studio
  • Musique
    Orange Music Co. Ltd
  • Interprétation
    Jesdapom Pholdee, N. Muttaweewong, Attaporn Teemakorn
  • Production
    Visute Pool Voralanks
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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