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Corisco and Dadà
(Corisco e Dadà)

by Rosemberg CARIRY

1927. Sertào da Bahia.Captain Corisco, a cangaceiro nicknamed the Blond Devil, well-known for his cruelty, his boldness and his handsomeness, kidnaps twelve-year-old Dadà and takes her to his cangaçào after raping her. Zé Rufino, head of the flying police, has sworn to go down in history by killing Corisco whose capture will be rewarded by the government. From now on, Dadà starts learning about the dangerous and difficult life of the cangaçào, rebelling against unjust fate, falling in love with Corisco who tries to win her confidence by teaching her how to use a gun, so that he can marry her. Constantly chased by Zé Rufino’s police, Corisco, Dadà and their gang travel up and down sertào, overwhelmed by implacable and cruel fate in a hostile world: they are attacked, they lose their children, Lampiào and Maria Bonita are beheaded, etc. Witnesses of their saga include Cega Aderaldo, a popular folk singer and friend of the cangaceiros’ for whom he screened silent films and whose praise he sang in his songs; Benjamin Abrao, the Syrian Lebanese who had the opportunity to film Lampiào, Maria Bonita, Corisco, Dadà and their partners in 1932.

  • Titre français
    Corisco et Dadà
  • Original title
    Corisco e Dadà
  • Titre international
    Corisco and Dadà
  • Scénario
    Rosemberg Cariry
  • Photo
    Renaldo Nunes
  • Montage
    Severino Dada
  • Son
    Marcio Câmara
  • Musique
    Ulises Hernandez
  • Interprétation
    Chico Diaz, Dira Paes, Antonio Leite, Regina Dourado, Chico Chaves, Denise Milfont, Luiz Carlos Salatiel, Virginia Cavendish, Maira Cariry, B. de Paiva, Teta Maia
  • Production
    Rosemberg Cariry

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