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46th edition
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Five days in a life
(Cinq jours d'une vie)

by Souleymane CISSÉ

One day, N’Tji, an ordinary young man, realises that the Koranic school his family make him attend will never help him get by in life. He decides to leave school and ends up roaming in the streets, living on petty thefts. He plans to rob a navétane, a farmer who leaves his village during the season and hires himself in other villages only to spend all the money earned at once upon coming back at the end of the season. N’Tji follows a navétane from the station to the market and robs him. But he gets arrested and is sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. When he cornes out of prison his uncle takes pity on him. The young man then wonders whether he should stay in the city or go back to his village…

  • Titre français
    Cinq jours d’une vie
  • Original title
    Cinq jours d'une vie
  • Titre international
    Five days in a life
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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