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Black Sun
(Kuroi Taiyô)

by Koreyoshi KURAHARA

black sun_2

Akira, who lives in the ruins of a building marked for demolition and leads an aimless life, encounters a machine-gun-wielding African American named Gill. He is on the run from military police after fatally shooting a white man. Akira feels an affinity with Gill because of his affection for jazz and black culture, but cannot communicate with him due to his lack of English ability. Their awkward relationship is portrayed as sometimes violent, sometimes comical, until eventually the film dashes headlong toward its tragic climax. Also features the superb drumming of Max Roach.

  • Titre français
    Black Sun
  • Original title
    Kuroi Taiyô
  • Scénario
    Nobuo Yamada
  • Adaptation
    d’après le roman de Tensei Kono
  • Photo
    Mitsuji Kanau
  • Son
    Norio Numakura
  • Musique
    Toshiro Mayuzumi
  • Interprétation
    Tamio Kawachi, Chico Roland, Yuko Chishiro, Yogen Nitta, Tatsuya Fuji
  • Producteur délégué
    Kano Otsuka, Keinosuke Kubo
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