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Beyond The Years
(Chun nyun hack)

by IM Kwon-taek

beyond the years

Beyond the years is a flm that holds the essence of the works of Im Kwon Taek since the 80’s. While Dong-Ho and his stepsister, Song-hwa, learn Pansori traditional Korean song) from their father, afection between the 2 half-siblings grows. Dong-Ho, now as a young man sufers under the situation where he cannot confess his feelings for Song-hwa. Songhwa however, bears down to master her voice for Pansori; her character represents the archetypes of both of a devoted artist and an obedient daughter. Te lust between the brother and sister is the process of a confict between secular love and artistic soul. Dong-Ho, unable to resist his feelings, runs away from home and marries another woman. He sets out to fnd his sister at the news of their father’s death. His journey is a lamentable path in search of his sister’s voice.

  • Titre français
    Au delà des années
  • Original title
    Chun nyun hack
  • Titre international
    Beyond The Years
  • Scénario
    YI Chung Jun
  • Photo
    JUNG II sung
  • Montage
    PARK Soon Duk
  • Musique
    RYO Kunihiko
  • Interprétation
    CHO Jae Hyun, OH Jung Hae, LIM Jin Taek, RYOU Seung Ryong
  • Producteur délégué
    KIM Jong Won
  • Prix obtenus

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