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Au-delà de la peine
(Au-delà de la peine)

by Osvalde LEWAT

au dela de la peine

His name is Owono Pierre, but people call him Leppe. Sentenced to four years in jail for a minor crime, he ends up being imprisoned for 33 years! He should have been released but all his appeals have been vain. Leppe’s release is only scheduled for 2028! What happened? What feeds his hope for living beyond the sentence? This is the true story of a shattered life and the simple and moving account of a struggle against the absurd.

  • Titre français
    Au-delà de la peine
  • Original title
    Au-delà de la peine
  • Titre international
    Au-delà de la peine
  • Montage
    Denis Le Paven
  • Son
    Antoine Mbesse Amougu
  • Musique
    Hubert Atangana
  • Production
    Malo Pictures

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