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By the Bluest of Seas
(Mavi Danizin Sahilinda)

by Boris BARNET & Samed MARDANOV

A ship bas sunk in the Caspian Sea. For two days and two nights, Aliosha and Yussuf, the only suwivors, drifted until they were rescued by fishermen of fan island in Azerbaijan. As he was carrying military orders to work as a mechanic, Aliosha becomes the only mechanic at the “Fires of Communism” kolkhoz set upon the island. Yussuf also has military orders and both men participate in the life and duties of the fishermen. They fall in love with Masha, head of the kolkhoz. One morning, Aliosha pretends to be sick and refuses to go fishing. He secretly goes to the neighbouring town and buys a necklace and flowers which he gives Masha as a present. Yussuf is very upset by Aliosha’s breach of common discipline; he is also very jealous and informs the kolkhoz council against him. Or maybe he only imagines he does so. While at sea Aliosha encourages Yussuf to marry Masha. During the storm, a wave takes Masha away. Neither Aliosha nor Yussuf can save her. ‘Fires of Communism” is the only kolkhoz which does not celebrate the end of the fishing season. Later, Yussuf sees Masha carried by the waves onto the shore…

  • Titre français
    Au bord de la mer bleue
  • Original title
    Mavi Danizin Sahilinda
  • Titre international
    By the Bluest of Seas
  • Scénario
    K. Mintz
  • Photo
    K. Kirilov, M. Moustafaev
  • Musique
  • Interprétation
    Nicolai Krutchkov, Lev Sverdline, Elena Kouzmina
  • Production
    Azerfilm, Mejrabpomfilm
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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