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43rd edition
19>28 november 2021, Nantes

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by Affonso UCHÔA & João DUMANS


The diary of a worker falls into the hands of a young boy, when his aunt, a nurse, is giving the man first aid following an accident at work. His words bring to light an eight-year itinerary that resembles a roadmovie epic dedicated to finding work in Brazil. After several bread-and-butter jobs, Cristiano landed up in industrial city of Ouro Preto in the State of Minas Gerais, where a new job in an aluminium factory was awaiting him. All of his experiences reflect a growing political awareness and provide a personal perspective of Brazil’s recent economic history. This is the first film co-directed by Affonso Uchôa and João Dumans, and also a sign of the new commitments of Brazilian cinema. AR

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