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Absolutely Certain
(Absolutamente certo)

by Anselmo DUARTE

In a poor area in São Paulo, two young people go through hard times when their engagement is made impossible by the lack of money and a tyrannical mother, the sole owner of a television set in their area. Blessed with a fantastic memory, the young man wants to try his luck in a TV quizz. Week after week he keeps winning more money. But a gang controls him, he becomes infatuated with a woman presenter and is under pressure to accept to act fraudulently. Only after all sorts of incidents comes the happy ending…

  • Titre français
    Absolument sûr
  • Original title
    Absolutamente certo
  • Titre international
    Absolutely Certain
  • Scénario
    Anselmo Duarte, Talma de Oliveira d'après une histoire de Jorge Iteli et Jorge Doria
  • Photo
    Chick Fowle
  • Montage
    José Canizares
  • Son
    Bosdan Kostin, Ernst Hack, Magassi
  • Musique
    Enrico Simonetti
  • Interprétation
    Anselmo Duarte, Odete Lara, Dercy Gonçalves, Maria Dilnah, Auréiio Teixara, Ambrosio Fregolente, José Policena, Carlos Costa, Luiz Orioni, Jaime Barcelos, Luciano Gregory, Serio de Oliveira, Marina Freire, José Mercaldi, Murilo Amorim Correia Trio Irakitan
  • Production
    Juçana, Serrador, Brasil Filme, Cinedistri, Oswaldo Massaini

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