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The Search fot Tut Ankh Amon
(El-Bahth An Tut Ankh Amon)

by Youssef FRANCIS


The incidence of the film took place in Al-Gorna village in Luxor, where the young sailor “Gad” who was drifted by the stream of Al-Noubia, falls in love with an orphan girl from Cairo “Tayeh” that lives in the house of the God Father of the village, the film reveals the passion the people have towards their land and how much they are holding to their deep great roots which was revealed when they watched the foreigner who arrived to the village searching for the monuments belonging to The tomb of Tut Ankh Amon that was discovered in the year 1992.

  • Titre français
    A la recherche de Toutankhamon
  • Original title
    El-Bahth An Tut Ankh Amon
  • Titre international
    The Search fot Tut Ankh Amon
  • Scénario
    Youssef Francis
  • Photo
    Ramses Marzouk
  • Musique
    Omar Khayratt
  • Interprétation
    Hussein Fahmy, Gehan Nassre, Mohammed Mounir, Omar Alharyry, Hamdy Gaith, Hamza Alshemy, Gada Seleim
  • Décors
    Arafa Zaki

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