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international competition

Feature films in international competition: fictions and documentaries in french previews.


Previews (two of them previously selected in Produire au Sud), restorations, films in the opening and awards ceremonies.

The Theatre of Remembering by Rithy Panh:
the cinema in the present state

Fictions alternate with documentaries, summoning novels, photography, filmed archives, sculptures and theatre, Rithy Panh explores and invents the possibility of considering memory of the Cambodian genocide in its entirety.
In collaboration with the Institut d’histoire du temps présent/CNRS.

Presence of Indian Cinema

This programme endeavours to present a panorama of Indian cinema, situated at the intersection of Bollywood’s performance and some relatively new revolutions in this vast cinematography.

About Africa and Portugal:
memories, destinies and representations

While many African countries rediscovered their independence, and their contemporary identities became visible, the colonial powers were placed in a position that drove them to re-evaluate the consequences of their colonial history. A shared memory with interwoven  trajectories, speeches and representations between Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Portugal.

LI Han-Hsiang: the forgotten master 

Born in China, unknown to the Western public, LI Han-Hsiang is a symbolic figure of the cinema “ made in Hong Kong”. Each night, a catch-up session is programmed so that the public could be able to discover, among 70 films, a flamboyant melodrama, a sumptuous epic or an erotic comedy…

Dance ! Sing!

The cinema has a magic power to represent dance, song or to combine both. There is an intimate and inventive relationship between the cinema and dance, through their shared dimension of movement and the body. Let’s dance!

first steps toward 3 Continents

Fictions and animations destined for children: an adequate and playful initiation into other cinemas around the world.

Produire au Sud Workshop

The workshop focuses on important tools and techniques of international coproduction in the film industry is now becoming a model. After workshops in Sderot (Israel), Durban (South Africa), Taipei (Taiwan) and Chiang Mai (Thailand) over the last few months, six full-length feature films were selected to participate in the workshop in Nantes during the festival, led by a group of international mentors. The workshop will be held from November 21st to 27th.
In partnership with the IAS of Nantes.

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