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Taipei 2017 | 3rd Édition

2017 Taipei Produire au Sud

  • Festival du Film de Taipei


– Workshop: July 5-10, 2017
– Second step: November 1-3, 2017
– Third step: February 7-9, 2018

Applications are now closed.

Project selection

TAIWAN | Arterial

directed by Olivier Marceny
wrote by James Callow
produced by Hung Sung Ju et Chang Chuti

TAIWAN | The Blue Sun

directed by Chen Nien Ko and Lin Shih Chieh
produced by Uilin Wang

TAIWAN | Heavy Craving

directed by Pei-Ju Hsieh
produced by Jing Wang


directed by Yang-Yi HU
produced by Patrick Mao Huang

TAIWAN | Lost and Found

directed by Natasha Kang-Hsin Sung
produced by Chin Chang

TAIWAN | Le Songe

directed by Chiang Hsiu Chiung
produced by Aileen Li


– Claire Lajoumard, Acrobates Films, producer – France
– Vincent Wang, House on Fire, producer – France
– Thomas Pibarot, Le Pacte, international sale agent and distributor – France
– Gualberto Ferrari, script-consultant and director – Argentina
– Stefano Tealdi, Stefilms, producer/director and pitch expert – Italy
– June Wu, Ablaze Image, international sale agent and distributor – Taiwan
– Jérémie Dubois, script-consultant and director – France
– Jérôme Baron, Festival des 3 Continents, artistic director – France
– Isabelle Glachant, Chinese Shadows, producer – France
– Yosep Anggi Noen, director – Indonesia



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