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Nantes 2008 | 9th Edition

2008 Nantes Produire au Sud


For the last 8 years the Produire au Sud workshops have accompanied the work of producers from Asia, Africa and South America in order to contribute to hone their craft earn professional credit through training and accompaniment. If these cine- matographies from around the world have become familiar to us and have found a window in professional European circuits, they remain nevertheless fragile and it is more than ever crucial to standby them with passion and determination.

Since 2004, Produire au Sud workshops abroad push the boundaries of the Nantes rendezvous, in order to encourage exchanges and joint programs with foreign ins- titutions and festivals. This recognition enables us to keep on imagining every year new destinations, new seminars at the service of today’s ongoing cinematography and to visualize tomorrow’s diversity.

Another reward for the ongoing year: four films supported by the Produire au Sud workshop were presented out-of-competition at the Cannes film festival 2008: La sangre brota by Pablo Fendrick produced by Juan Pablo Gugliotta, A festa da menina morta of Matheus Nachtergaele produced by Vania Catani, Acné by Fédérico Veiroj produced by Fernando Epstein and Salamandra de Pablo Aguero produced by Hernan Musaluppi and JBA productions.

This year the Produire au Sud workshop welcomes seven new feature film projects represented by their producers and film directors as well as two young Algerian producers as non-registered students. These professionals are invited to present their projects to spectators and professionals on Saturday November 29th at the media library Jacques Demy.

The Produire au Sud workshop is the outcome of our commitment to artistic co- operation, which leads us as well as our willingness to promote professional ex- changes and competences.

The 3 Continents association is more than ever determined to make a formal pledge on the diversity of these initiatives.

Elodie Ferrer
Produire au Sud workshops Coordinator


– Workshop: November 26-December 2, 2008

selected projectS

ALGERIA | Weld EjnounsLe Fils des Djinns 

directed by Yasmine Chouikh
produced by Amel Chouik

CHINA | Addicted to Love

directed by Hao Liu
produced by Teresa Kwon

COLOMBIA | Love Teresa

directed by Ana Sofia Osorio Ruiz
produced by Tatiana Villacob


directed by Chris Chong Chan Fui
produced by Joanna Lee

PANAMA | Juega Vivo

directed by Enrique Perez Him
produced by Irina Ruiz Figueroa

TURKEY | Our Grand Despair

directed by Seyfi Teoman
produced by Yamac Okur and Nadir Operli

SENEGAL | Le Vent du Sud

directed by Djibril Saliou Ndiaye
produced by Ousmane Sall


– Cyriac Auriol, Les Films du Requin, producer – France
– Philippe Avril, Unlimited Films, producer – France
– Laurence Brandi, Fonds Sud Cinéma – France
– Daniel Chabannes, Epicentre Films, distributor – France
– Gualberto Ferrari,  script consultant – Argentina
– Émilie Georges, Memento Films, productr– France
– Raimond Goebel, Pandora Films, producer – Germany
– Élise Jalladeau, Charivari Films, producer – France
– Jean-Fabrice Janaudy, Les Acacias, distributor – France
– Claire Lajoumard, Acrobate Films, producer – France
– Miguel Machalski, script consultant – France & Argentina
– Georges Goldenstern, Cinefondation-Cannes – France
– Sibylle Kurz, pitch expert – Germany
– Joanna Langelaan, Hubert Bals Fund The Netherlands
– Michel Marx, script consultant – France
– Caroline Nataf, Coach 14 – France
– Natalia Pena, Magma Cine – Argentina
– Luis Angel Ramirez, IMVAL Productions – Spain
Michel Reilhac, ARTE France Cinema – France
Jean-Christophe Simon, Films Boutique – France
– Georges Walker, script consultant – Venezuela



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