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Tushar Prakash

08/10/1984 (Delhi)

Tushar Prakash is a filmmaker based in New Delhi, India. He topped the film-direction course of the prestigious National Polish Film School in Lodz and his films have featured at prominent Polish and international film festivals. In 2012, Tushar Prakash co-directed a documentary on the Nithari serial killings, one of the most gruesome murder cases in India. He co-directed the science fiction short film, Chupan Chupai, for the 2013 Architecture Trienalle in Lisbon. He comes from a family of architects and psychologists. His other interests include Indian classical music, jazz, Indian mythology, philosophy, fantasy & science fiction literature. He also works for Sadho, a voluntary organization working towards the promotion of Indian Poetry through audio / video platforms.

(november 2014)

Tushar Prakash

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