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Wariko, The Jackpot
(Wariko, le gros lot )

by Kramo-Lanciné FADIKA

Ali is a young police officer. He leads a quiet life with his humble family in a suburban area of a big African city. Awa, his courageous wife, helps him make ends meet by selling loincloths. In exchangefor small change, Awa is forced to buy a lottery ticket which she gives to her husband. The result of the draw is announced on the radio. Ali and his wife have won the 3-million jackpot. All the family rejoice, already thinking they will never be poor again. The village also rejoices as its residents hope to take advantage of the coming fortune. But as the money is at hand, the ticket goes missing ! Is this an irony of fate, a curse of the ancestors who feel they are neglected by these city-dwellers who can only think of their daily problems or bas the ticket simply been stolen ? All the rooms in the house are thoroughly searched, soothsayers are sought advice from, everything possible is done to try and find the providential ticket all the family members keep dreaming of. The apparent serenity of Ali’s life is disturbed at the prospect of a fantastic gain which makes him irritable, unable to control himself driving everyone else to despair…

  • Titre français
    Wariko, le gros lot
  • Original title
    Wariko, le gros lot
  • Titre international
    Wariko, The Jackpot
  • Scénario
    Fadika Kramo-Lanciné
  • Photo
    Lionel Cousin
  • Montage
    Cissé Salimata
  • Son
    Maguette Sala
  • Musique
    Kanté Manfila
  • Interprétation
    Allassane Touré, Abiba Kaboré, Aissatou Traoré, Adama Diarra, Rachel Tehi, Losseni Traoré, Adrienne Koutouan, Sidiki Traoré
  • Production
    Kramo-Lanciné Prod
  • Ventes internationales
  • Sous-titrage

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