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One Dollar, the Price of Life
(One Dollar, el precio de la vida)

by Hector HERRERA

Ten years after the invasion of Panama by the United States, Héctor Herrera infiltrated  a street gang in Panama City, aiming to make a documentary about the torn Panamanian youth and try to understand their dependence on drugs, their cult for violence, the way they consider a man’s life is worth nothing and their ultimate obsession to be feared and respected by their circle of friends. Herrera spent eight months with these youngsters and gathered 70-hour-long footage. From this material, he made a three-part documentary, each being the portrait of a different character.

  • Titre français
    Un dollar, le prix de la vie
  • Original title
    One Dollar, el precio de la vida
  • Titre international
    One Dollar, the Price of Life
  • Scénario
    Álvaro Brechner
  • Photo
    Héctor Herrera
  • Montage
    Xavi Carrasco
  • Son
    Joan Manel Ges
  • Musique
    Latin Fresh

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