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The Bus to Amerika

by Derya DURMAZ

Video and Film

10 year-old Yazidi boy Sefran lives in a refugee camp in Turkey. His family fled there when news broke that ISIS was approaching their town. Imaginative Sefran’s favorite thing is watching the suburban bus he calls “The Bus to Amerika” pass by the camp. He dreams about taking off on it to Amerika with his family and becoming a pop star. But one day Sefran’s daydreams will turn into nightmares, as he gets accused of eating the forbidden vegetable of their religion, the lettuce.
Through the plot of a manipulative boy who has eyes on his girlfriend, Sefran’s little mistake turns into a big issue where all the kids of the camp start talking about how he sinned and how his family will be banished because of his sin. Soon Sefran decides he has no choice but to leave the camp to protect his family.
Will the journey take him to his dreamland, Amerika or to a place familiar yet unexpected?

  • Titre français
    The Bus to Amerika (en développement)
  • Titre international
    The Bus to Amerika
  • Scénario
    Derya Durmaz
  • Photo
    Meryem Yavuz
  • Production
    Mars Production
  • Producteur délégué
    Nefes Polat

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