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Foreign Land
(Terra estrangeira)

by Daniela THOMAS & Walter SALLES

Paco, a young man of21, is the son of a seamstress of modest means. Paco dreams of becoming an actor, but his mother has a desire of her own: to see her homeland, the Basque Country, one last time before dying. But the events of March 16, 1990 in Brazil – when president Fernando Collor announced the confiscation of the savings accounts of all Brazilians – dramatically change these plans. Paco is among the 800,000 who seek refuge abroad.
On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Alex, a young Brazilian woman, works in a bar in Lisbon. She lives with another Brazilian, Miguel, a musician.


  • Titre français
    Terre lointaine
  • Original title
    Terra estrangeira
  • Titre international
    Foreign Land
  • Scénario
    Daniela Thomas, Walter Salles, Marcos Bernstein
  • Photo
    Walter Carvalho
  • Montage
    Walter Salles, Felipe Lacerda
  • Son
    Geraldo Ribeiro
  • Musique
    José Miguel Wisnik
  • Interprétation
    Fernanda Torres, Fernando Alves Pinto, Luis Melo, Laura Cardoso, Alexandre Borges, Joao Lagarto, Tchéky Karyo Flavio Tambellini
  • Production
    Flavio Tambellini Videofilmes
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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