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Oh, Sun
(Soleil Ô)

by Med HONDO


In an unidentified French colony in West Africa, much the same as any other, black men line up before a white priest to take part in the baptismal rite and “renaming”. The first step in a process that simultaneously uproots, acculturates and subjugates them. In France, the Blacks from the colonies, encouraged by propaganda, come to find a better life. What they find is unemployment, at best a handful of “dirty” jobs, unacceptable living conditions, stark racism and bureaucratic indifference. As a scathing attack against colonialism and its social, economic, cultural and anthropological after-effects, the film is remarkable for the complexity of its shocking exposure of racism and a brutal ironic accusation of the West’s capitalist values, the cornerstones of a system of slavery that persists in other equally alienating forms until today. JB

  • Titre français
    Soleil Ô
  • Original title
    Soleil Ô
  • Titre international
    Oh, Sun
  • Photo
    Jean-Claude Rahaga
  • Montage
    Michèle Masnier Et Clément Menuet
  • Musique
    Georges Anderson
  • Interprétation
    Robert Lienson, Théo Légitimus, Bernard Fresson, Mabousso Lô, Gilles Ségal, Gabriel Glissand
  • Production
    Grey Films, Shango Films
  • Distribution
    Ciné Archives
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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