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Sandra la mujer de fuego
(Sandra la mujer de fuego)

by Juan OROL

Sandra dances and sings in a cabaret. Old don Miguel, a rich hacienda owner, proposes to her. Sandra accepts out of financial interest. She wonders why her husband doesn’t dare touch her: don Miguel is actually impotent. They go to the hacienda in the middle of the jungle where primitive arid brutal men are burning with desire for the owner’s wife. Sandra falls in love with Jorge, the cashier, who, although he loves her too, rejects her out of loyalty towards don Miguel. The foreman is also trying to seduce her. Sandra can’t resist dancing amongst the workers. They throw themselves on her but Jorge and the foreman keep them away. Don Miguel blames Jorge for protecting his wife by holding her in his arms, but he finally realises that it is better for Sandra to stay withJorge. Don Miguel dies of a heart attack brought about by the foreman. Jorge fights with him and wins.

  • Titre français
    Sandra la mujer de fuego
  • Original title
    Sandra la mujer de fuego
  • Titre international
    Sandra la mujer de fuego
  • Scénario
    Felipe Montoya, Juan Orol
  • Photo
    Rosalîo Solano
  • Montage
    Mario Gonzalez
  • Musique
    Obdulio Morales, Alfonso Camorra
  • Interprétation
    Rosa Carmina, Arturo Martînez, César del Campo, Manuel Arvide, Lupe Sûarez, Luciano de Pazos, César Carbó, Virginia Codina, Neïsa Elina Báez, Doris de Goya, René Socarras
  • Production
    Producción mexicanocubana Espana Sono Films de Cuba, Juan Orol
  • Support de projection
    16 mm

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