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Rosaura At 10 O'Clock
(Rosaura a las diez)

by Mario SOFFICI


Susana Campos plays the title role in Rosaura a las Diez . Actually, when the film begins, Rosaura is pretty much a figment of the imagination of mild-mannered Camilo. Using an old photograph, Camilo invents a sexy girlfriend so as to arouse the interest of his true love, his landldy’s daughter. And then one day, Rosaura shows up in the flesh, and Camilo is forced to marry her.

  • Titre français
    Rosaura à 10 heures
  • Original title
    Rosaura a las diez
  • Titre international
    Rosaura At 10 O'Clock
  • Montage
    Jorge Garate
  • Son
    Mario Fezia
  • Musique
    Tito Ribero

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