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46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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Dust in the Wind
(Lian lian feng chen)

by HOU Hsiao-Hsien


After Junior High School, Ah Yuan leaves home to work in Taipei, taking with him his childhood friend, Ah Yun. Life in the city is very hard. To earn enough to support himself, his family, and try to save for university tuition, he works as a messenger for a printing press, while she works as a seamstress’ apprentice. They are very poor but happy until he is drafted for military service. On the eve of his departure, she gives him 1096 stamped envelopes.

  • Titre français
    Poussières dans le vent
  • Original title
    Lian lian feng chen
  • Titre international
    Dust in the Wind
  • Scénario
    CHU Tien-wen, WU Nien-jen
  • Photo
    Mark LEE Ping-bin
  • Montage
    LIAO Ching-sung
  • Musique
    CHEN Ming-chang
  • Interprétation
    WANG Ching-wen, HSIN Shu-fen, MEI Fang, LI Tian-lu
  • Producteur délégué
    LIN Teng-fei
  • Ratio

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