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45th edition
24 NOV > 3 DEC 2023, Nantes

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Hasan Kasmai, a middle-aged film director with a greying beard and teenage-style hard rock T-shirts, has been blacklisted by the government. He is unshakeably convinced that he is a great filmmaker. The fact that the social networks make fun of him only strengthens his pig-headedness. When a mysterious serial killer erupts into the Iranian film world and beheads several highly reputed directors, Hasan momentarily takes fright, but is nonetheless outraged: why has the killer not sought him out since he is the best in his field? As a disturbing comedy that mixes genres, Pig raises the question of censorship through satire and laughter. But it is desperate, ironic laughter portraying a disastrous political and cultural situation that can but lead to a climate of paranoia. This shift from laughter to fear makes Pig a political film and, as a result, a real horror film. MM

  • Titre français
  • Original title
  • Scénario
    Mani Haghighi
  • Photo
    Mahmoud Kalari
  • Montage
    Meysam Molaei
  • Son
    Dariush Sadeghpour
  • Musique
    Peyman Yazdanian
  • Production
    Mani Haghighi
  • Distribution
    Epicentre Films :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage
  • Ratio
    2:35 (scope)

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