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Padma Nadir Majhi
(Padma Nadir Majhi)

by Goutam GHOSE

Padma Nadir Majbi is a saga about man’s eternal struggle against hostile nature, against oppressive society, and against his own dark and irrepressible desires. Its locale is the mighty river Padma that meanders through the heart of Bengal. Its characters brave boatmen who challenge its dangerous waters for survival. Set in an India before the partition of 1947, it is a contemporary classic by the Bengali novelist Manik Bannerji. Around Kuber the boatman is woven an elemental tapestry of situations and characters. His crippled wife Mala, his voluptuous sister-in-law Kapila, his adventurous employer Hossain Mian, his children and his neighbours are caught in a vortex of passion and poverty, lust and love, dreams and desperation.
Always, there is the river Padma, which banks are constantly eroding and reforming, mercurial as the men who live on them. And where the river meets the sea, stands Hossain Mian’s Moina Island. Is it the promised land, the last refuge, the ultimate paradise, or yet another vortex, another inferno ?

  • Titre français
    Padma Nadir Mahjdi
  • Original title
    Padma Nadir Majhi
  • Titre international
    Padma Nadir Majhi
  • Scénario
    Goutam Ghose
  • Photo
    Goutam Ghose
  • Montage
    Moloy Bannerji
  • Son
    Anup Mukherji
  • Musique
    Goutam Ghose, Alauddin Ali
  • Interprétation
    Asaad, Champa, Rupa Ganguly, Utpal Dutt, Rabi Ghosh, Adul Khaer, Hasan Imam
  • Production
    Government of West
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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