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46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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Opération Dragon
(Enter the dragon)

by Robert CLOUSE


A martial arts competition is organized by a mysterious man called Han, a former Shaolin monk who now indulges in opium and women trafficking. Lee, a member of the Shaolin temple, is approached by the police to infiltrate and break up the criminal organization. Lee quickly discovers that it was Han’s henchmen who, three years before, tried to kidnap his sister. She preferred to kill herself than be caught.

  • Titre français
    Opération Dragon
  • Original title
    Enter the dragon
  • Scénario
    Michael Allin
  • Photo
    Gil Hubbs
  • Musique
    Lalo Schiffrin
  • Interprétation
    Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly
  • Distribution
    Warner Bros France
  • Ratio
    2:35 (scope)

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