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Love in the Time of Malaria
(Hun Hunshi Hunshilal)

by Sanjiv SHAH


Nothing is right in the imaginary kingdom of Khojpuri: King Bhadrabhoop II, a puerile and burlesque monarch who even bans dreams if his subjects’ dreams displease him, is tormented by mosquitos. Love in The Time of Malaria, Sanjiv Shah’s only work of fiction, is a comical and sung satire that makes no secret of its target: the rhetoric of the “enemy within” so often brandished by despots. Yet, the film is in no way a rootless fantasy since the abundant quasi-documentary images remind us that we are well and truly in India, a democracy always haunted by the phantom of the purge. The combination of a clearly identifiable location and a scathingly satirical approach doomed this mordant film to quasi-invisibility until very recent times. AR

European Premiere of the restored print

  • Titre français
    Love in the Time of Malaria
  • Original title
    Hun Hunshi Hunshilal
  • Titre international
    Love in the Time of Malaria
  • Scénario
    Paresh NAIK
  • Photo
    Navroze CONTRACTOR
  • Montage
    Sanjiv SHAH, Bhavik THAKORE
  • Son
    Indrajit NEOGI
  • Musique
    Rajat DHOLAKIA
  • Interprétation
    Dilip JOSHI, Renuka SHAHANE, Manoj JOSHI, Mohan GOKHALE
  • Production
    Karanar Productions
  • Ventes internationales
    Contact copie : Sanjiv Shah :
  • Support de projection

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