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46th edition
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Two from the Same District
(Bir Mahallali iki Oglan )


Akhmet and Nuri, two men living in the same district, participate in the struggle for the national independence of their country. Although their people support the struggle, the enemy chases the two men. They get arrested. Nuri gives in and betrays the ideas he was fighting for. He leaves his friend and his district. Akhmet is shocked by his friend’s betrayal but hardships have made him a tougher man. Finally, Akhmet is sentenced to death and executed. But this will not stop the people from carrying on with the struggle.

  • Titre français
    Les Deux du même quartier
  • Original title
    Bir Mahallali iki Oglan
  • Titre international
    Two from the Same District
  • Scénario
    Nazim Hikmet
  • Photo
    Marguerite Pilichina, Rassim Odjagov
  • Musique
    Kara Karaev
  • Interprétation
    Vladimir Medvedev, Semen Sokolovski, Fateh Fatoullaev, Ismail Osmanli, Tamara Kokova, Marzia Davoudova, Aliaga Agaev, Melik Dadachev, Adil Iskenderov, Movsoum Sanani, Ali Gourbanov
  • Production
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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