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The Trial
(El Juicio)

by Ulises DE LA ORDEN


Ulises de la Orden and his editor Alberto Ponce have condensed 530 hours of footage from the trial that from 22 April to 9 December 1985 judged nine of the main members of the Argentine junta responsible for the military dictatorship. Using simple chaptering and with no other form of commentary, it brings together the testimonies of those called to the bar, slowly revealing the scope and the sadism of the « National Reorganisation Process » that was in power, but also the judiciary system set up and certain prominent moments of the trial. An exceptional document that by its length and the sober clarity of its montage is working towards memory, the memory of the worst and the memory of the process that was initiated – never finished – to confront it. FM

  • Titre français
    Le Procès
  • Original title
    El Juicio
  • Titre international
    The Trial
  • Scénario
    Ulises DE LA ORDEN
  • Photo
    Pablo PARRA
  • Montage
    Alberto PONCE
  • Son
    Gerardo KALMAR
  • Production
    Les Films d'Ici, Polo sur Cine
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