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by Stéphanie REGNIER


Kelly is a young Peruvian woman who has ended up in Tangiers with her three brothers. She feels angry at not being able to cross the straits to reach Europe and France, where her mother is waiting for her. Her journey from Peru to Tangiers via French Guiana, living on her wits, dealing with problems, prostitution… Kelly talks, tells her story, expresses and insists on her love for her brothers and mother. This love keeps her going. The film is built around the tension between Kelly’s hope of a better life, waiting and the desire to find her mother and her desperate situation, which has been nothing but expulsions, arrests, returning to square one, separations. Yet, as if to make this life less unbearable, the filmmaker creates room for openings, offers Kelly possible avenues and presences, other narrative modes, all of which are welcome escapes. AK

  • Titre français
  • Original title
  • Photo
    Stéphanie Regnier
  • Montage
    Saskia Berthod
  • Assistant réalisateur
    Ilham Maad, Kaoutar Et-Thamni
  • Son
    Stéphanie Regnier
  • Production
    Survivance Carine Chichkowsky, Les Films de la Caravane Madeline Robert
  • Distribution
    Survivance :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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