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It's Never Nighttime in the Map
(Nunca é noite no mapa)

by Ernesto DE CARVALHO


One fine day, the Google Street View van comes across filmmaker Ernesto de Carvalho in his street, in Olinda, in Brazil’s Nordeste. This encounter turns into a dual: the disembodied eye of the map appropriates the presence of the resident film director, who keeps a photo of this fleeting moment. Based on the confrontation of these two ideologically opposed images, Ernesto de Carvalho stages a critical dérive in Google Street View. This raises the question of the ownership of images: do they belong to the company that filmed them, eyes closed, and complicit in the privatisation of public spaces, or do they belong to Ernesto de Carvalho, who shows them with a communicative lucidity, and shares the need to fight so that public places are both viable and liveable? CA

  • Titre français
    It’s Never Nighttime in the Map
  • Original title
    Nunca é noite no mapa
  • Titre international
    It's Never Nighttime in the Map
  • Musique
    Ravi Shankar
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage
  • Ratio

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