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He's the Best !
(Metido a bacana)


Hilario is the lover of lrene, the sweetshop owner’s daughter. One day, at Irene’s request, Hilario takes sweets to Anacleto, a prince who just loves sweets and who is visiting Brazil. Anacleto wants to take part in the Carnival’s madness incognito and convinces Hilario to make himself pass as the prince…

  • Titre français
    Il est le meilleur !
  • Original title
    Metido a bacana
  • Titre international
    He's the Best !
  • Scénario
    Victor Lima
  • Photo
    Amleto Daissé
  • Montage
    Rafaël Justo Valverde
  • Son
    Nelson Ribeiro
  • Musique
    Haroldo Eiras
  • Interprétation
    Ankito, Grande Otelo, Renato Restier, Nelly Martins, Celeneh Costa, Wilson Grey, Carlos Costa, Roberto Duval, Angela Maria, Cauby Peixoto, Linda Batista, Dircinha Batista, Nelson Gonçalves, Jorge Veiga, Carlos Gallardo, Dora Lopes
  • Production
    Cinedistri-Sino, Herbert Richers, Oswaldo Massaini

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