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3rd World Hero
(Bayaning 3rd World)

by Mike DE LEON

1999 B3W_WEB

A director and a scriptwriter take up the challenge of making a film about the Filipino national hero, José Rizal, who was executed by the Spanish colonial government for the crime of rebellion following the outbreak of the Filipino revolution in 1896. But the two partners soon hit snags over a number of questions. For three years, Mike De Leon pondered over the intention of an epic biopic on the legendary Filipino poet, novelist, linguist and doctor. By 2000 – three other films had been made on this figurehead – Mike De Leon had moved away with a totally different form involving a reflection, not without humour and derision, that questions the sense given to the Philippines’ national story, as well as the appropriate cinematographic form to build in order to do this. JB

French Premiere of the restored print

  • Titre français
    Héros du tiers monde
  • Original title
    Bayaning 3rd World
  • Titre international
    3rd World Hero
  • Scénario
    Mike DE LEON, Clodualdo DEL MUNDO
  • Photo
  • Montage
    Armando JALERGO
  • Musique
    Lorrie ILUSTRE
  • Interprétation
  • Production
    Cinema Artists Philippines
  • Distribution
    Carlotta Films :
  • Support de projection
    HD CAM

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