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Henderson et les heures
(Henderson e as horas)



Handerson e as horas is a caustic documentary about the number of hours human beings spend stuck in trafic jams. Filming in a bus in Saõ Paulo, filmmaker Kiko Goifman recounts the daily nightmare the passengers have to face, sometimes forced to spend over five hours on public transport in order to get to work. By the time he dies, a resident of the Brazilian megalopolis will have spent almost fourteen years of his life in a bus… En route, the passaers keep themselves occupied, chatting, eating, reading… Handerson e as horas follows Handerson, a trainee at the Goifman production company, who decides to use this «lost» time to celebrate the birthday of a friend. A metaphor for human relationships in an overcrowded urban milieu, the documentary offers a persective on social inequalities.

  • Titre français
    Henderson et les heures
  • Original title
    Henderson e as horas
  • Photo
    Dado Carlin
  • Montage
    Patrício Salgado e Pedro Marques
  • Son
    Lenny Brasil

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