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46th edition
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Bald-headed Hasan
(Hassan Katchal)

by Ali ATAMI

Hasan wanders around the city and into a garden where he sees a woman named Chelgis, with whom he falls in love. On the same night, a genie appears and tells him that he can make six wishes, but for every wish that is granted, one sixth of his life will pass. When he realizes that all of his wishes can be made for the love of Chelgis, he finally decides to give up his whole life. In exchange, Chelgis is to be released from the spell to which she bas been bound. The genie agrees to give him the key, and Chelgis is freed. Since Hasan and the genie become friends, the
genie refrains from taking Hasan’s life and disappears.

  • Titre français
    Hassan le chauve
  • Original title
    Hassan Katchal
  • Titre international
    Bald-headed Hasan
  • Scénario
    Ali Atami
  • Photo
    Nosratollah Kani
  • Interprétation
    Parviz Sayyad, Katayun, Sadeq Bahrami, Nadereh, Hasan Khayyatbashi, Sorayya Beheshti
  • Production
    Ali Abbasi
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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