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Han matado a tongolele

Tongolele, the famous dancer of the “Folies” cabaret, also known as “the dance goddess”, bids farewell to theatre as she is about to marry journalist Carlos. The cabaret owner gets very angry as her leaving means a great loss on his profit. Chang, the magician, is envious and hits Lotto, his wife, to let off steam. After the show, Tongolele isf ound dead in her dressing room. The police arrives and starts investigating. The suspects are Francisco, a former lover of Tongolele’s, Clara, a dancer and drug addict, Chang and Lotto. Yet Tongolele comes back to the stage and dances again. The body was Claritas ; Carlos disguised it to reveal the culprit. At the end of her show, Tongolele passes out. Lotto takes her to her dressing room and sets a leopard free so that he kills her. Chang tries to strangle Lotto but Carlos arrives with a gun in his hand.

  • Titre français
    Han matado a Tongolele
  • Titre international
    Han matado a tongolele
  • Scénario
    Ramón Oboón, Roberto Gavaldón
  • Photo
    Jorge Stahl, Jr
  • Montage
    Rafaël Ceballos
  • Musique
    Antonio Diaz Conde, Los Tex Mex, Manuel Esperôn, Pepe Guizar, Silvestre Méndez, Huesca y sus Costehos, Los Diablos del Ritmo, Niho Caravaca y sus gitanos
  • Interprétation
    Yolanda Montes Tongolele, David Silva, Manuel Arvide, Concepciôn Lee, Seki Sano, Lilia Prado, José Baviera, Lilia Kiwa, Julián de Meriche.
  • Production
    P. Juno y Luis Manrique

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