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Habeas Corpus
(Habeas Corpus)

by Jorge ACHA


The film’s off-screen context is the first visit of Pope John-Paul II to Argentina during the last civil and military dictatorship. The pontiff is not seen, but we hear him. At a secret detention centre, a guard’s radio broadcasts the various services that God’s highest representative on Earth is carrying out for his faithful; among those present are some of the top military figures. The word of the faith contrasts sharply with the images of the prison of horror. In a cell is a naked man whose fate, we imagine, will be similar to the torture inflicted on the Son of God centuries before. Manifestly influenced by Genet’s A Song of Love, the torturer finds an indirect and perverse excitement with his prisoner. RK

  • Titre français
    Habeas Corpus
  • Original title
    Habeas Corpus
  • Photo
    José Luis CELEIRO
  • Montage
    Lito BOLIVAR
  • Assistant réalisateur
    Daniel OURAL
  • Musique
    Guillermo SILVEIRA
  • Interprétation
    Jorge DIEZ, Luis NIETO, Oscar VERNALES
  • Production
  • Print
    Asociación Civil Jorge Luis Acha :

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