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Gente de bien

by Franco LOLLI


When his mother moves away with her new partner, Eric leaves with his dog to live with Gabriel, the father he scarcely knows, in a gloomy guesthouse in Bogota. Gabriel works for a wealthy family and takes his son with him. Eric meets the employer, Maria Isabel, and her son. Maria Isabel invites them to spend Christmas with her family in the countryside in exchange for mending a few old pieces of furniture. As the dog falls sick, a divide opens up between Eric and his father. Gabriel feels ill at ease in this small family group, whereas Eric tries to find his place among the children and seems to experience a growing contempt for his father and his poverty…

  • Titre français
    Gente de bien
  • Scénario
    Franco LOLLI et Catherine PAILLÉ avec la collaboration de Virginie LEGEAY
  • Photo
    Oscar DURAN
  • Montage
    Nicolas DESMAISON, Julie DUCLAUX
  • Son
    Matthieu PERROT, Josefina RODRIGUEZ, Samuel AÏCHOUN
  • Interprétation
    Brayan SANTAMARIA, Carlos Fernando PEREZ, Alejandra BORRERO
  • Production
    Geko Films, Evidencia Films
  • Distribution
    Ad Vitam :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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