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El suavecito
(El suavecito)

by Fernando MENDEZ

Roberto “El Suavecito”, the neighbourhood king, lives with his mother in the same boarding house as his girlfriend Lupita. El Suavecito goes to Acapulco to pick up and rip off Amercian women. A deceived Lupita finds it hard to recover form his leaving her. El Suvacito cornes back and starts shooting and cheating at pool in order to give El Nene’s gang the money. The gangsters start a general fight in their local cabaret. Meanwhile, a taxi driver falls in love with Lupita and tries to make her understand that El Suavecito isn’t the man she needs. Out of revenge, El Suavecito forces the taxi driver to shoot pool. He ends up losing his taxi. In the meantime, El Nene “accidentally” kills a cabaret dancer and takes advantage of the situation to blâme the taxi driver who is immediately sent to jail. Feeling remorse, El Suavecito gives El Nene away; the criminal gets arrested. But El Suavecito is then beaten to death by El Nene’s henchmen. As to Lupita and the taxi driver, they will live a peaceful life.

  • Titre français
    El suavecito
  • Original title
    El suavecito
  • Titre international
    El suavecito
  • Scénario
    Gabriel Ramírez Osante
  • Montage
    Carlos Savage
  • Musique
    Gustavo César Carrión
  • Interprétation
    Victor Parra, Aurora Segura, Dagoberto Rodrîguez, Enrique del Castillo, Gilberto Gonzalez, Manuel Dondé, Eduardo Arozamena
  • Production
    Cinematográfica Intercontinental,

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