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This Land is Ours
(Kasarmu Ce)

by Saddik BALEWA

In the Islamic community of a village in northern Nigeria, Musa, unknown to the other villagers, is buying and controlling land on behalf of Alhaji Malek, his political patron. Musa takes great pains to keep on the side of the village authorities through acts of generosity to the village mosque. However when Ibrahim rejects Musa’s offer for his land, a collision between the two men becomes inevitable. Under pressure from Malek, Musa’s ruthless pursuit of the land leads to the death of Ibrahim. But Musa plays with the superstitious belief of the villagers by resurrecting the pre-Islamic Dodo spirits who appear at night and destroy grain buts, farms and animais. Some of the villagers doubt their faith and start to sell to Musa.A young and self-confident man, Sani, rallies the villagers who overcome Musa’s power. Yet the village is unaware of more powerful and greater adversaries.

  • Titre français
    Cette terre est la nôtre
  • Original title
    Kasarmu Ce
  • Titre international
    This Land is Ours
  • Scénario
    Saddik Balewa
  • Photo
    Peler Murphy
  • Montage
    David Hill
  • Interprétation
    Umaru Uba Gaya, Sani Muhammad Shira, Mustapha Mohammed, Mamudu Muhammadu Gumel, Musa Muhammed Abdullahi, Audu Joe, Shehu Jibril, Daudu Galadanci, Mohammed Sani Audi, Auwalu Musa Solo, Yusuf Barau, Amira Gadbo, Dalhatu Bawa, Yayaji Umaru, Kasimu Yero
  • Production
    National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) et le National Film and Télévision School (NFTS)

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