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Al son del mambo
(Al son del mambo)

by Chano URUETA

Resortes, a famous Mexican dancer and cabaret owner; escapes to Cuba to free himself from a smothering fame. He is followed by two private detectives who deprive him of his freedom. In Cuba, he finds that they have been hired by his own cabaret; he fires them. However, he invites them to join the friends he made on the island. He later meets beautiful women, including a pretty American girl who invites them at some friends’ place in the countryside. There, they witness the birth of a new rhythm – mambo. Damaso Pérez Prado and a group of musicians have just found an extraordinary rhythm that sets the world dancing.

  • Titre français
    Al son del mambo
  • Original title
    Al son del mambo
  • Titre international
    Al son del mambo
  • Scénario
    Guz Aguila, Eduardo Galindo
  • Photo
    Agustln Jiménez
  • Montage
    José Bustos
  • Interprétation
    Amalia Aguilar, Alberto Martinez Resortes, Joan Page, Joaquîn Garcia Vargas Borolas, Roberto Romana, César del Campo, Amparo Arozamena Dolly Sisters, Chelo La Rue
  • Production
    Filmadora Chapultepec

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