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What do Produire Au Sud Workshops look like?

3 January 2019 • Produire au Sud
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    2018 Nantes Produire Au Sud group

Produire Au Sud videos…


…from previous editions in Nantes and abroad Agadir (Morocco), Taipei (Taiwan), Recife (Brasil), Bel Horizonte (Brasil), Durban (South Africa), .

What are PAS workshops, how does it work, what happens to participants, what contents, what atmosphere, what speakers?…

@big thanks to Nantes University Info Com’ department for vids shot in Nantes during all these years.
@big thanks to Nantes Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) for the warm hosting in Nantes.
@ big thanks to all french and international partners that made these wonderful workshops possible since 2000.


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  • LES 3 CONTINENTS / 7 rue de l’Héronnière | BP 43302 | 44033 Nantes Cedex 1 | France | 02 40 69 74 14