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NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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2022 Awards

27 November 2022 Programme
Palmares 2022

Ten films were selected for the 44th edition of the Festival des 3 Continents.

The jury was composed of Stéphane BATUT, French director & casting director; Moustapha MBENGUE, Italian-Senegalese musician & actor; Estelle ROBIN, film producer from Nantes and Axelle ROPERT, French director.


The Montgolfière d’or was awarded to Glorious Ashes by Vietnamese director Chuyên BUI THAC.

The Montgolfière d’or is sponsored by the City of Nantes and the Festival.

The jury declared : “ We gave the award to this film for the poetic beauty of the world the film portrays, which is both shimmering and bewitching, as well as for the loving and very mischievous portrayal of its three heroines.”



The jury awarded the Montgolfière d’argent to the film Scent of Wind  by Iranian director Hadi MOHAGHEGH.

The Montgolfière d’argent is sponsored by the Regional Council of Loire-Atlantique and the Festival.

The jury appreciated “ the greatness and tenderness of this philosophical fable that succeeds in embodying, with total freedom, the main character’s perseverance in the sumptuous yet perilous Iranian mountains.”



The jury assigned two Special Mentions.

The film Jet Lag  by Chinese director Xinyuan ZHENG LU received a Special Mention “for the freedom and inventiveness displayed in the portrayal of this inner journey during which bursts of reality outline a contemporary era that is burningly subversive.”

A Special Mention was also attributed to actress Sol MIRANDA in the film Rule 34, by Brazilian director Júlia MURAT “for her depth of commitment as an actor, the impressive range of nuances of her acting, and her powerfully real presence.”



The Young Jury is comprised of five students aged 17 to 21 living in the Nantes area: Majdoulyne BOUNIF, Oscar GRIVEAUX, Abdoulaye MARA, Anton MC MANUS and Clara MÉNARD, who gave the award to Shivamma by Indian director Jaishankar ARYAR.

The Young Jury Award is sponsored by Le Damier, a foundation of the Brémond group.

The Young Jury declared “Shivamma touched us with its sincerity both in its directing and acting, and promises a bright future. It is set in a culture we know little about, but the issues that poison it are universal. Thankfully, this film is so uplifting, it could cure anything… even hair loss!”



The Festival audience cast their votes at the end of each screening, and the Audience Award went to The Winter Within by Indian director Aamir BASHIR.

The award is sponsored by Magmaa Food Hall Nantes.


The Festival wishes to extend the warmest thanks to its partners for their support, as well as to all the people, volunteers, and festivalgoers who make this event possible.

In January 2023, part of the Festival programme will be screened in a cinema in Paris.

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