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24 NOV > 3 DEC 2023, Nantes

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Nantes Bellevue. Club Ado Lisa Bresner with Les 3 Continents

22 September 2023 Mediation to three continents films


>> Wednesday, October 18 – 4:00 pm<<


Sur terre ou ailleurs, Marc Picavez
Documentary, France/United Kingdom, 52′, 2020

Sahra, 20, dreams of becoming a star. She writes songs and joins in the creation of an amateur show with other young people from Nantes. Some of them are young exiles whom Cathy Charlot, the creator of this show, has been taking in and supporting at arm’s length for many months. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, their preoccupations gradually take shape: their desires and anxieties, the future, the collapse…

The film will be preceded by a screening of the short documentary Bellevue la vraie, made by young people aged 12 to 19 from the Bellevue district, as part of a filmmaking workshop led by Marc Picavez and coordinated by the Festival des 3 Continents and the Centre Socio-Culturel Bellevue.

In the presence of Marc Picavez, director, and the young people who took part in the workshop.


Registration recommended at the Médiathèque
Médiathèque Lisa Bresner  · 23 Bd Emile Romanet, 44100 Nantes · 02 40 41 54 00

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