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42nd Edition of the Festival des 3 Continents

10 November 2020 2020 Programme
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In an unprecedented situation of cultural paralysis, the Festival des 3 Continents has imagined, in place of its original project, a new format for its 42nd edition. The International Competition has been maintained and the selected films will be submitted to the professional Jury and the Youth Jury who will award the Montgolfière d’or and the Montgolfière d’argent and the prize of the Youth Jury, respectively. Films from the Official Selection that have given their approval will be accessible to accredited professionals and press at Festival Scope Pro. We hope to be able to present these films to the public as soon as cinemas reopen. However, we did not want to forget the large and loyal public of the Festival. Thus a different film will be offered  every evening of the week and two films on the weekend between November 20 and 29 : virtual and free sessions, subject to availability. In this way, fourteen sessions (Free VOD) will be offered to the public in mainland France.


The Festival des 3 Continents has maintained the International Competition this year with 8 films not yet screened in France, Europe or elsewhere in the world.

On the programme, 5 fiction and 3 documentary films will be submitted to the appreciation of a jury of professionals (responsible for awarding the Montgolfière d’or et Montgolfière d’argent prizes) and that of the Youth Jury (Young Jury Award).

These prizes will be unveiled on Monday, November 30 at 14 p.m. on the festival’s website and social networks.

As soon as the situation allows, the films of the competition will be shown in the Nantes cinemas. Following these showings and audience votes, the RFI-Wik Prize of the Public will be awarded.

The films of the International Competition, which have given their consentwill be accessible to professionals and the press in the video library of the Festival on Festival Scope Pro ( from November 20 to December 6 2020.


The Festival des 3 Continents will offer professionals the opportunity to discover a selection of films shown in Special Screenings, as a complement to the films of the International Competition. In addition to films not screened in France, the festival will also welcome several films from the Cannes Classics 2020 Selection. By giving visibility to works whose discovery has been impeded by the context of the pandemic, the festival team wishes to show their attachment to the authors and also their support to producers and distributors.

The films of the Special Session, which give their consent, will be accessible to professionals and the press in the video library of the Festival on Festival Scope Pro ( November 20 to December 6 2020.


The Festival des 3 Continents continues to keep in mind the cinema-loving and curious public who have given their support since 1979. For this first edition which they are unable to attend, the Festival team is offering a freely accessible (subject to availability) selection of films, which have left their mark on the history of the festival over the last ten years. Also, two films from the Special Screenings of the Official Selection 2020 are proposed.

A different film will be screened every evening of the week and two films on the weekend days from 20 to 29 November 2020 on the platform Festival Scope, a partner of the festival:

It is less the regular transposition or the adaptation of tales to the screen than the capacity of the cinema to freely reinvent this form that this programme aims to comprehend. To lessen the burdens of the world, these cinema tales oppose their resistance to common sense, to monotony or express in their own way that morals are not static. Among the films, La petite vendeuse de soleil (The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun) by Djibril Diop Mambéty, Petit à petit (Little by Little) by Jean Rouch, Parasite by Bong Joon-ho, Intervention divine (Divine Intervention) by Elia Suleiman, Les Contes de la lune après la pluie (Tales of Moonlight and Rain) by Kenji Mizoguchi. (Photo Intervention divine / Divine Intervention by Elia Suleiman)


The Festival des 3 Continents will be hosting online its 20th Nantes workshop devoted to acquiring tools for international coproduction. The projects of the six two-person teams (producer/filmmaker) selected for the 2020 workshop will benefit from the experience, training and support of a group of experts in the development of the construction of their full-length film. The participants in the 2020 workshop come Azerbaidjan, Brazil, Palestine-Jordan, Thailand, Uganda and Zimbabwe. This edition preceeds the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Produire au Sud in 2021, a labeled year which will bring together the six other countries where it is at present established (India, Israel, Morocco, South Africa, Taiwan and Thailand).

In partnership with IEA, Institut d’Etudes Avancées de Nantes.

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