Compétition internationale
42th edition
20>29 november 2020, Nantes



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The Festival des 3 Continents continues to keep in mind the cinema-loving and curious public who have given their support since 1979. For this first edition which they are unable to attend, the Festival team is offering a freely accessible selection of films, which have left their mark on the history of the festival over the last ten years. Also, two films from the Special Screenings of the Official Selection 2020 are proposed. A different film will be screened every evening of the week and two films on the weekend days from 20 to 29 November 2020 on the platform Festival Scope, a partner of the festival, (available in mainland France only).

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Official Selection

This year the Festival des 3 Continents has decided to broaden its Official Selection. Composed of an International Competition and Special Sessions including fiction and documentaries, this selection brings together a total of 23 films. In addition to films not screened in France, the festival will also welcome several films from the Cannes Classics 2020 Selection. By giving visibility to works whose discovery has been impeded by the context of the pandemic, the festival team wishes to show their attachment to the authors and also their support to producers and distributors. The films of the Special Session, which give their consent, will be accessible to professionals and the press, from November 20 to December 6, 2020, in the video library of the Festival on Festival Scope Pro.


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28 November 2020
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28 November 2020
264 personnes aiment ça
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28 November 2020
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29 November 2020
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