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Yashar is a 55-year-old roofer living in one of the remote villages of Azerbaijan. His wife Nisa is a caretaker in a hospital, working night shifts every second day. Those nights, Yashar stays alone at home. Summer has already gone and he is still unemployed. He spends his days at home but occasionally goes fishing with a neighbour. One day Nisa finds a job for Yashar and asks him to travel to town to meet with the client – a middle-aged woman. Yashar agrees to start the job and hires his dead brother’s son Valeh, whom he had not seen in years, as his assistant. But one day Yashar loses control of himself and beats Valeh. The following day, Valeh disappears. At first, Yashar seems indifferent, but then suddenly changes his mind and sets out in a search of Valeh. This journey leads him to encounter a diversity of fellow countrymen living their daily lives and to discover other places where he has never been before.

  • Titre françaisYashar
  • Original titleYAŞAR
  • Titre internationalYashar
  • ProductionFIL PRODUCTION
  • Ratio2:35 (scope)

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